Looking for OERs on Blockchain

Hi all, I’m searching for OER on blockchain, specifically openly licensed course textbooks on blockchain. Any guidance would be appreciated.

Hi @lilianadiaz! I found this OER in the Ontario (Canada) Open Library. It includes a chapter on “Trustless Systems” including blockchain: Trustless Systems – Trust Systems

It might not be as much of a textbook as you were hoping for, but maybe it will lead you to another OER.

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It’s not a textbook, but I’m pretty sure all the materials in Saylor Academy courses are CC-BY, and they have this course:

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There’s also this thread, which has some related suggestions:


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Thank you. Every bit helps.

It’s not in the form of an open textbook, and is focused on blockchain applications in finance – but MIT OpenCourseWare’s “Blockchain and Money” as taught by Gary Gensler, now chair of the US Securities and Exchange Commission, gets a LOT of use - especially the lecture videos out on YouTube.

Thank you. It was the first resource I found and is incredibly helpful.

Fantastic resource! Thank you.

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@stevefoerster was faster than me with the CCCOER link!

Have you checked with MOM (Mason OER Metafinder) - https://mom.gmu.edu/ – a federated OER search tool.

I found ~270 results searching for “Blockchain” in the “title” I just looked quickly!

I did not know of MOM. Amazing tool! Thank you!

me neither – it’s got a cool name too :slightly_smiling_face: