Made By Wikipedian! Ikusgela- Basque Pedagogical Videos

Here is a nifty development in language specific OER, check out

If I trust Google’s translation that title “Mundua ulertzeko bideoak” means “Videos to understand the world” For a summary, see the Wikimedia News article:

Ikusgela is a project specialized in pedagogical videos. Its aim is to increase the presence of the Basque language on the web and to complete the scope of Basque Wikipedia. With a fresh tone that appeals to both students and those interested in the topics being worked on, it will use a language and resources adapted to the new narratives. All the videos, moreover, have been completed with free content, mostly from Wikimedia Commons, and the material created will also be free, as a sign of a way of acting in the network.

The website has a catchy video too

But the big news is how this is rooted in Wikipedia / Wikidata content, making it all that more important to the work we do. Zer moduz euskarazko Hezkuntza Baliabide Ireki batzuk?

A hat tip to @Downes who reads the entire web every day :wink: