Meet, Greet, and Network!

This is something like the lobby and the collective coffee lounge for #OERcampglobal. A place to say hello, share something about you and your work! Simply hit “reply” to post a comment here or start a new conversation if needed. Let’s start by saying hello and maybe tell each other where we are from.

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Hello and welcome OERcampers- I am Alan Levine from OEGlobal and was glad when the organizers asked to use this community space (it is powered by Discourse) as a conversation space for OERcamp.

So if you have questions or issues with it, knock on my door - reply here or click my icon to send a message.

My current focus/obsession is trying to engage the open education community to add references to projects, examples, discussions as web annotations to the UNESCO Recommendation on OER. We are running here next week some asynchronous activities focusing on the Building Capacity action area.

It’s my hunch that almost every session at has something or many things that help demonstrate the recommendation, so hope you join us in this process. I’m hosting a live OERcamp session on Friday where we can discuss and annotate together.

And well, my introduction turned into promoting projects, c’est la vie.

I am looking forward to being part of this dynamic event.


Hello! :wave:
I’m Kristin and take care of everything OERcamps since 2019.

I’m one of the organizers of and it is a super interesting and exciting and new period right now for me as I haven’t organized such an international event - with 48h - in just about 8 weeks of time - in December :grin: :wink:

I am really looking forward to meet you soon in Zoom and to all the promising sessions!

Please let me know if you have any questions for the event.


Hi there, my name is Jöran! I am part of the team behind #events:oercamp . Mostly, I’m the guy in front of cameras. :wink: E.g. you can find videos of me explaining how #OERcampglobal works on twitter.
I am stoked about how many great sessions from around the world have been announced for the event.


Hello, I’m Alica and I am part of the team.
My responsibilities include the participant management. So if you need to get some information, we will most likely get in touch then :wink:
On the other hand I am also the person who sends all the tweets on Twitter.

I am looking forward to this special event, as I love to get to know other people, other cultures and find out, what’s OER like in other countries.

See you in a few days!


Thanks Kristin- that makes the event even more exciting, the nervous energy (I know this first hand).

Thanks again for making use of this space, and let everyone know that this is also unconference like in that anyone can start a new topic discussion.

Thank you Jöran for taking OERcamp global! Your videos are most inviting.

Not that you likely have the time now, but we never got to record an OEG Voices Podcast with you about winning the Award of Excellence for this project. We are available to record an episode with you and the team any time (and we do this unconference style, just conversational).

Thank you for you feedback, really helpful! I submitted a session for the programme, titled “What are OERcamps, and where did they come from?” Maybe we could convert this session to a live podcast recording session? We could look for a time slot that fits for both of us.

That would be fun, can we do it conversation style? I can be available in these windows (this should convert to your time):


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Hi everyone, I’m Phuong from the team. If you are a session owner, you may have heard from me quite often :wink: Besides, I am responsible for all things technical. So if you have any questions about Sched, Zoom, OEG Connect etc., I’m your gal!
Can’t wait to meet everyone on 9 December!


Great! I’m switching communications to email for further coordination.

Yes to conversational style! Let’s make it a [google doc](I made it a Google Doc! 2021 OERcamp global Podcast Session about OERcamps - Google Docs ).