Meet Martin, Who Attended School of the Air

I’ve been fortunate to have several long visits for education projects and travels around Australia-- I have a passing bit of knowledge mainly that this existed, a very pioneering program in distance education called School of the Air.

This was literally offering school to students in remote regions via terrestrial radio. These still exist in every Australian state/territory except Tasmania now delivering through the internet. I’ver always been intrigued by the ingenuity to teach and learn in this format.

Almost by accident, in a podcast recorded earlier this year, I spoke to a person named Martin who was a student of School of the Air, who shared this description (listen along with the transcript):

Indeed, this is the Martin Dougiamas who went on to create a rather significant open education software platform.

I am hoping we can open a space for anyone else to ask @moodler about the affordances and impact of learning via School of the Air. Or for that matter, I’d like to hear from anyone else with experience, especially form our Australian colleagues or more information about this era of remote teaching and what it achieved. Does anyone else have or know someone who had direct experience in School of the Air?

This seems like a key bit of history to share leading up to the OE Global conference in Brisbane.