Monday Pulse (last for 2022): End of the Year Plans

Thanks to everyone who has taken part with our new weekly Monday Pulse questions– expect more to come in 2023. Given as we are headed into the year end holiday season, for this one we ask about how you will be spending the last days of 2022.

As always, beyond clicking the poll buttons, we enjoy more seeing a reply below, and even better for this one, perhaps share a picture. Are you ready to share your pulse?

What are your plans spending holiday time through the end of 2022?
  • Not looking at any digital screens!
  • Finally getting some work done on my digital screens.
  • Spending a whole lot of time in the great outdoors.
  • Relishing the tranquility of staying in the nice indoors.
  • Cooking, baking, making food.
  • Eating all the food someone else makes!
  • Doing everything, plans every day, and/or travel.
  • Doing absolutely nothing.
  • Doing no social media.
  • Catching up with friends and family on social media.
  • Reading books, articles, magazines.
  • Writing my own book or article.
  • Watching movies or listening to music.
  • Creating videos or playing music.
  • Exercising and staying fit.
  • Doing as little as physical exertion as possible.
  • Something else I will describe below and make Alan happy by including a photo

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We at OEGlobal wish you the best in whatever you chose to do and hope you celebrate a fantastic holiday season. OEG Connect will be waiting for you with even more new ideas and activities in 2023.

Can we tick them all??

Wanting to spend the holidays watching my son doing more of this …

It’s not such a cold summer where we live! Happy holidays!!


I am mean! I offered half of the boxes plus one to click :wink:

That beach is calling to me today when our high temperature is -22°C.

I ask your son to take the photo of you on a board!

I have no photos yet but we always spend half the holiday with my family and the other half with my husband’s family. The first is near the mountains, full of activities like skating and sledding and swimming in an indoor pool with an outdoor hot tub. We all take turns cooking and eating. The second is much more relaxed and my husband’s mom tends to take care of everything so I end up reading while my kids play at their place. I love the busyness of having both. Thanks for this question! I can’t wait to see everyone else’s responses.

Everything is IT DEPENDS b/c I’m in Central Illinois, USA. The storm models keep changing. I stay local for the Christmas holiday I celebrate.
I’ll do my traditional “work on some math OER” – but this stuff is going onto an actual course, though … that doesn’t mean it will really go anywhere but it can’t if I don’t make it so

is my latest Little Thing oops, adding with regrouping TRN 050 is the link to the captioned version :stuck_out_tongue:

My plans are not well defined at this point, other than I will be visiting some friends and family at some point. Also, I’ll be birdwatching in my backyard - we’ve got hummingbirds, robins, finches, sparrows, and I’m not really sure what else! I don’t have a good picture of any birds, so please enjoy this picture of our Christmas gumdrop tree and gingerbread (technically graham cracker) houses instead.


Racking up a few more kilometers on the e-bike along the cycle trails in Central Otago.

(Image credit: Cycle trail overlooking the Bannockburn inlet by Shellie Evans published under a CC-BY-NC-ND. This photo was taken on the Cromwell end of the Dunstan to Clyde cycle trail.)

Happy holidays everyone!

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Happy OER holidays, Sue! I did a little modification to your reply so your exponential growth video is embedded (just put the youtube URL on a blank line).

I enjoyed your explanations “grounded” in real experiences (I feel some days my coffee consumption might get more exponential!). As a kid I was quite the math nerd, I remember this fun book about numbers I had called Zero to Zillions.

There a story there of a father who offered his kids at the new year two options for their allowance. One was to start the year with an allowance of $1 that would go up $1 per month and the other one started at a penny and the dad said the allowance would double every month.

The boy chose to start with the $1 since it was so much more than a cent, but the wise sister wisely chose the penny option.

Go exponentially into the new year!

Happy new year to you Wayne! I hold on hope to one day be :mountain_biking_man: with you in Cromwell.

Thanks!! (and I see I didn’t update the title; adding with regrouping isn’t it :wink: )

So far the top votes for end of the year plans are… the great outdoors! But we just started collecting.

We will be outdoors, soon to be snowshoeing in the banks of snow in our property’s shelter belt which is already 10 feet high in places. Others in the household are just happy to roll in the stuff.

On my grand plans to do list is to organize a “music room” in our house that has not been done since we moved here 2 years ago. Sounds will emanate!

We are celebrating both Hanukkah and Christmas, this year with an optimal overlap in the calendar.

Already we made the traditional potato latkes…

And to share something, for the big Christmas dinner my daughter mixes it up by also making a kugel from my mom’s old recipe


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