Much More Than Good: Higher Education for Good is Here

It’s refreshing and inspired, plus the best part is you can read the chapters bits at a time (I have read maybe 5, much to go). One of the co-editors is here in OEG Connect, feel free to ask questions or share comments @catherinecronin

We did organize some open discussions with a few chapter authors during Open Education Week, the YouTube links there are now the recording. I had some hopes we could organize some social annotation of the chapters (see links in each event)

And there is another chapter discussion coming up on June 11

We had some hopes maybe we could organize an asynchronous reading group to focus on chapters, if this is of interest to anyone, please let us know!

Bottom line, I think we should have more going in depth discussions from the book, plus some ideation of what we mnight do collectively. The book is in many ways, a call to action.

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