Multilingual Call for Award Nomination Messages

We now have three persuasive messages in Spanish, French, and Hindi as a call to nominate for the 2024 OE Awards. This started with the OE Global Voices podcast episode 68, a conversation with two of the OE Global board members.

@Marisol recorded a message to the Spanish speaking community

Our other guest, Board President @PerrineCoet added her own message in French

And… upon seeing these @rjhangiani ,also a board member, offered to record his own message in Hindi*

*note that my software does not transcribe Hindi, so this was my best guess for matching the audio to the English translation Rajiv shared,

I’m more than happy more languages to the mix-- you can just contact me or send an audio file (and text or transcript) to

We are emphasizing to that an awards nomination need not be written in English, please write yours in the language you are most comfortable using.

I’ve gotten appreciative feedback for this call to nominate messages. If anyone is interested in creating one in any language (even English), we’d love to add it to this collection Please send an audio recording to us or send any questions to

I have been asked if there is a “script” for said message, I’d really urge anyone to record something that has meaning for them. But to help craft your message, below I will share English translations of these three plus a message from the OEGlobal news story on this year’s awards.

Message v1

Nominations are open for this year’s Open Education Global Awards for Excellence. If you know of exceptional educators, projects, platforms, or resources that deserve to be recognized, please submit a nomination by June 30. The nomination process is simple and your participation can make a big difference in recognizing the hard work and dedication of our peers. Thank you

(translation of message in Hindi by Rajiv Jhangiani)

Message v2

We are very excited because the call for the Open Education Awards is going out now in May and we are disseminating the information to encourage the communities to send us their projects, their knowledge, what has been.

It’s fabulous, wonderful to see all the jewels that occur in the world on different open practices both for books and repository portals, publications, teachers, students. In Open Global Education we have a wide variety of categories where we can apply for these awards. We are going to invite the community to send their applications because we need to have a map of what is happening in the world and especially what is happening in the Spanish-speaking world.

(translation of message in Spanish by Maria Soledad Ramirez-Montoya)

Message v3

Hello everyone, at Open Education Global there is a fantastic call for applications to obtain official awards as an Open Education leader or technician, Open Education educational engineer and many other titles… Who were imagined and designed by an open team and which are fantastic.

You have to look at the categories now. I would love to adapt them into French and make a French-speaking call. But here, with the tools we now have to translate, and Alan who has just told me that we could apply in French, I invite you all to come and apply, all lovers of open education.

To apply and I will pass on to all those who participated in my webinars in particular this proposal, afterward it will be necessary to write a little anyway because the applications from the English speakses are always very impressive and very well written so thank you to all Open Education contributors and see you soon.

(translation of message in French by Perrine de Coëtlogon)

Message v3

Nominations are open now through June 30 for the 2024 Open Education Awards for Excellence.

Each year since 2011, the OEAwards have shone a spotlight on open education: its innovators and innovations, motivating practices, and outstanding achievements. As a transparent process led by the global open education community, the OEAwards have honoured 229 open education practitioners, projects, platforms, resources, and solutions. It continues to set the bar for education excellence, ensuring that Open solutions to education are seen as equal quality (or superior !) to their commercial counterparts.

As usual, this year’s 16 award categories are loosely grouped around four focus areas: People in Open, What We Share, How We Share, and a set of Special Awards.

Who has influenced or inspired you in the wide world of Open Education? Which platform do you continue to use? Which textbook or OER are you awed by? Show your gratitude by nominating them for an Open Education Award for Excellence!

(OEGlobal 2024 Awards are Open news story)