OEG 2020 Remixer Postcard: Taking a Break Away From the Screen

As part of this OEGlobal 2020 conference we’ve been inviting you to create and share digital postcards. Here’s another digital postcard invite.

OEG Postcard 3: Taking A Break Away From the Screen

During the pandemic, and even this conference, we’ve all been stuck inside in front of our screens for long periods of time. When you take a break and go for a walk outside where do you go?

Create a postcard with a photo and short description of a place you like to visit in your neighbourhood when you go for a walk. What brings you joy, or solace, or simply a sense of belonging?

I live in Vancouver not far from the beach. When I need a break I like to walk down to the beach and along the shore enjoying the sound of waves, the beautiful view, and the smell of the ocean. Being out in nature brings me peace and makes me happy.

Create your own postcards as a remix of mine - You can upload your own photograph to replace mine, as well as a different image for the stamp. Change the message, the location, the addressee, the sender and remix it as your own postcard.

When done you can Save and Share your postcard (publish to the remixer, send on twitter and/or download to post here as a reply).

Special thanks to Bryan Mathers for his brilliant work creating this activity @VisualThinkery and the Visual Thinkery Remix Machine


I’m often guilty of getting stuck in my chair for too long without getting up and taking a break. I’ve found the dartboard on my shed to be a helpful distraction…

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So many people are adding weight and getting fat for lack of physical activity and not going out as before but just staying home and eating

With a dog, big empty field across the street, and vast sky above, I get at least three breaks a day from the computer screen. If lucky, we have a chat with the neighbor’s llamas… This time walking, letting the mind unwind is so good in countless ways.


Happy Xmas everybody and a wonderful 2021

To take a break from the screen (and from Zoom), I step outside. Water attracts all sorts of birds - it’s refreshing to just sit and watch them.