OEG and the International Council of Distance Education (ICDE) OER Advocacy Committee

Hello all. My name is Dr. Connie Blomgren and I teach and research about OER, open pedagogy and open practices at Athabasca University. Currently I am the M.Ed. Director (i.e. M.Ed. in Open, Digital and Distance Education). I am a board member and vice president for Open Education Global as well as a member of the International Council of Distance Education (ICDE) OER Advocacy Committee.

Recently, ICDE held a conference in Costa Rica and our committee facilitated an action lab presentation “The role of Artificial Intelligence (AI) related to Open Educational Resources (OER)”.

We are collating the responses from the forty plus attendees, many of whom live and work in central America, and will publish our observations in Open Praxis.

Our committee also published about our activities in this article found in IRRODL:

Ossiannilsson, E., Leonor Ulloa Cazarez, R., Martins Gomes de Gusmão, C., Zhang, X., Blomgren, C., Chaplin-Cheyne, T., & Burgos, D. (2023). The UNESCO OER Recommendation: Some Observations From the ICDE OER Advocacy Committee. The International Review of Research in Open and Distributed Learning, 24(2), 229–240. https://doi.org/10.19173/irrodl.v24i2.7138.

There are many changes happening in OER and open education - from local to global. What observations do you see about OER, open education and changes that are occurring?


Hi Connie. This sounds like an interesting action lab and I can’t wait to read about what you learned.

One of the small tangible ways we at BCcampus have been thinking about AI and Open Education has come directly from some current open education content creation grantees developing new resources for us. They have asked for guidance from us as the funder on ways they can work with generative AI tools during the creation of OER’s.

To address this, we recently developed some considerations, recommendations and suggested guidelines for our OER grantees about ways to work with generative AI during the OER creation process. We’ve published the recommendations as part of the BCcampus OER publishing guide we make available to our grantees.

These are likely to change as the field continues to evolve. But we wanted to get something together as a starting place.

Very interesting!

Thanks for the mail and the opportunity you have given me to participate.


The project is a great one from the OE perspective; it is highly organized and straightforward. With specific goals to be achieved; a global learning system in how teachers pass knowledge to learners in an organized and achievable manner within a time frame using the standard education system for the better learning environment and opportunity for all to achieve globally but with open AI the information is not organized for specific purpose and they are there for people that are there individuals that will be prepared by OE learning system to be able to use the open AI in a very organized.

Bringing both open systems together will bring a serious boost and improvement to the OE learning goals on the roadmap for possible and quicker achievement for its learners.

So, the project is great and a lot more to come.

Just noting here as well an excellent summary of the ICDE OER Advocacy Committee’s activity on OER and AI shared by @EbbaOssiannilsson who has chaired this committee since 2018.

We are eager to see more outcomes shared and hopefully ways this community can contributed to this advocacy group.