OEG Live: An Inside Look at the UK National Teaching Repository

Yes, climates are hot and so is our upcoming schedule of OEG Live events. We are excited to bring to you an inside look at the National Teaching Repository (NTR), a project we heard about from Dawne Irving-Bell @Dawne, one of our new OEGlobal Individual Members. Dawne is bringing six more colleagues who have been actively involved in this project.

Aiming beyond collecting of open resources, the NTR focuses more on strategies and practices shared by educators from across the UK. Supported by an Advance HE Good Practice Grant, the repository is an open access online searchable database (powered by Figshare) where tried and tested strategies ‘that work’ are openly licensed, easily discoverable, and made available for download / reuse by colleagues. The repository offers a place for educators to not only share practices, but gain recognition through connection with ORCID ID and unique DOIs for items in non-traditional research formats such as data, books, reports, code, videos, images, audio recordings, posters, and presentations. At this time there have been over 300,000 views and 60,000 downloads of NTR items (see the rich data it provides for activity)

When (in your local time): 2023-08-16T16:00:00Z

Watch live or see recording later. No registration required. Participate via the live stream using the chat to ask questions/send comments directly to guests in the studio.

Watch live on YouTube, send questions/comments to the studio, or see the recording later

Guests include: Dawne Irving Bell (BPP University), Kate Cuthbert (Staffordshire University), Nathalie Taser (University of Glasgow), Neil Withnell (University of Salford) , Laura Stinson (Nottingham Trent University, David Wooff (BPP University), and Sue Beckingham (Sheffield Hallam University)… and YOU.

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Home of the National Teaching Repository featuring image of 3 rather excited students we imagine benefitting from something gleaned from the NTR

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I’m looking forward to this!

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Thanks Vahid, you have a front seat ticket!

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An additional special note that I heard in this session-- although the first word of the NTR acronym is “National” I clearly heard that there is no requirement for contributions to come from the U.K.-- I hope that @Dawne will confirm my memory!

More resources shared in this session, click away!

Good morning Alan - That is correct! The National Teaching Repository (NTR) welcomes scholarly learning, teaching and assessment focused additions and submissions in any format from colleagues across the globe! If your work can help just one person it is worth sharing! All work remains your intellectual property, you choose your level of CC licence and because the platform attaches a DOI to each submission and a citation others can acknowledge the use of your work, securing recognition for your awesome academic practice. The Altmetric data collects the number of views and downloads and offers insights into location of the views, so you can ‘measure’ the reach, value and impact of what you shared - which you can use to help evidence the impact of your practice (e.g., for those following a pathway to progression on a L&T track). It is really easy to use, and to share and if you need more information or are hesitatnt about submitting and need a chat to help get you started - then get in touch!