OEG Live: Your Front Row Seats for the Reveal of OE Award Winners

We have just published the finalists for this year’s awards, with a fantastic set of potential awardees in all categories. And now we are building the excitement towards an OEG Live show when the winners will be announced. Now is the time!

You can be there in the front row! Set your calendars now.

:alarm_clock: When (in your local time): 2023-09-13T17:00:00Z

:tv: Watch: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gtCFPkIiNNw on YouTube to see the chat replay or view the video here:

Our studio guests will assist in the reveal will also share their commentary and also add perspective on what the awards mean.

  • Delmar Larsen (Review committee member, former award winner)
  • Judith Sebesta (Review committee member, former award winner)
  • Perrine de Coëtlogon (OEG Board President, award reviewer)
  • Marcela Morales (OEGlobal Staff, OEAwards organizer)
  • Alan Levine (host, OEGlobal Staff, OEAwards organizer)

You can be part of the excitement to be there in the moment when the winners are announced.


After the reveal of the award winners, join us for another OEG Live session the next day when we visit the Fab Lab Kä Träre at UNED, Distance State University of Costa Rica to see and learn about the 3D printing process for fabricating the iconic trophies our newest Individual Award winners will receive.

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This is an exciting day!! Congratulations to all of the nominees :grinning:

I was so honored to participate in this broadcast to help recognize the winners! Such a fun event celebrating the amazing work of our colleagues in the field. And great job serving as MC as well, @cogdog! :raised_hands: :tada: