OEG Voices 025: Wayne Mackintosh

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Sit back and listen as we take the OEG Voices Studio on the virtual road to Cromwell, New Zealand to hear from Wayne Mackintosh, recognized with a 2020 OE Award for Excellence for leadership. As founder of the OER Foundation and the force behind OER universitas (OERu), Wayne’s efforts to provide open education opportunities through the clever use of free and open source software define the characteristics of this award: Award presented to an individual who has demonstrated significant leadership and longstanding involvement with Open Education. A person who has made significant and clear contributions to the furtherance of the…


Congrats my dear friend!
if there is one who deserves this recognition, it is you. You have not only demonstrated long-standing involvement with the OER Movement, but we appreciate your advocacy power. You have always preached the gospel of OER and we have always share this passion. We, the MERLOT community, were the first to proudly recognize your work with WikiEdicator in the earliest years of our Movement. with an Award of Excellence in 2008, in Ghana. Keep up the good work my friend. The global community needs your relentless drive to bring transformational change.


I agree many times over, Moustapha. I’ve known @Mackiwg and admires his work so far back into the early web days the point in time vanishes beyond the Horizon (there is a joke there for Wayne).

He has always been passionate, fiercely dedicated to open everything, and also generous with time and shared energy. A leader extraordinaire.

But if you want to bug him, just invite him to a meeting in Teams :wink:

No, don’t do that!

Thanks for sharing your congratulations here.

There are many reasons why Wayne has my utmost respect, but one in particular is that he believes that open education organisations should use open source tools. Instead of taking the easy way out and using tools from Google or Zoom, OERu walks the walk by sticking to open alternatives, and we could all profit from that example of consistency and leadership.

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Thanks Steve, I could not agree more.

For those who have not been fortunate to have worked with Wayne, it should come through clearly in his words during our podcast – which we did not record in Zoom! The message is never meant to shame anyone, just a plain case for “this is a better way and it’s absolutely possible”.