OEG Voices 048: Robert Schuwer on his Lifetime Achievement OE Award for Excellence

Originally published at: OEG Voices 048: Robert Schuwer on his Lifetime Achievement OE Award for Excellence – OEG Voices

Our 2023 season commences a sequence of conversations with the people recognized in the most recent Open Education Awards for Excellence. It is fitting to start with Robert Schuwer, who was recognized with an OE Individual Award for Lifetime Achievement. As we hear in the episode, it might take a lifetime to cover all of Robert’s contributions to Open Education. The OEG Voices podcast studio traveled to visit Robert in the village of Malden, just south of Nijmegen in the Netherlands. Listen in to learn about his early influences, a career path from classroom teacher to computer science professional, and…

We appreciate the time @OpenRobert55 spent with us for the conversation, and as mentioned, hint hint- this is a place you can ask questions of Robert or about many of the projects he mentioned.

He might be outside walking his forest paths or listening to classical music (or likely as well doing some research) but am sure he will respond.

I would be keen to learn more about the nursing project Robert mentioned as a favourite; I saw a few links in the blog post-- what is the scope of the paper he is working on? Is the focus on the collaboration to produce OER or about community building in the field? Is the report he mentioned (in Dutch) available?

Thank you for your interest in this project. We have just submitted the paper for review, so I guess it will take a while before it is published (when accepted, of course). The report is available though on HBO Kennisbank

We have also documented the project in detail on this blog: https://samenhbovpk.blogspot.com/