OEG Voices 057: Sarah Kresh on her OE Award in Emerging Leadership

Originally published at: OEG Voices 057: Sarah Kresh on her OE Award in Emerging Leadership – OEGlobal Voices

For this episode take a trip with us to the City University of New York (CUNY) where Sarah Kresh shares her open education efforts at the School of Professional Studies (SPS). In listening to Sarah you will understand why she was named a winner of a 2022 Open Education Award for Excellence in the Emerging Leader category. We hope this inspires you to consider a person or project to nominate for the 2023 OE Awards — nominations are open now through June 30, 2023. Sarah shares her journey from degrees in linguistics to teaching, implementing technology, and ultimately her current…

We so enjoyed hearing about the DEIA focus at CUNY SPS.

Adding another of among many relevant resources just spotted from BCcampus, Diverse and Inclusive Representation in OER excerpted from the Getting Started: OER Publishing at BCcampus by the BCcampus OER Production Team

Here are some guidelines to keep in mind to ensure that the content of your OER is both diverse and inclusive. For more information about what diversity and inclusion mean, you can read BCcampus’ Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion statement.

In our ongoing experiment… well now it’s part of regular audio production with Descript I discovered that a combined audio and transcript can be published directly to their site.

Read and listen along to our conversation with Sarah at https://share.descript.com/view/C2xqWX0amlB. When you click play in the lower left, an animated block tracks the audio.

But wait! There’s more. You can select text and add a comment (aka annotation) and also create a link to specific portion, like when she shares what she is excited about in terms of open pedagogy.