OEG Voices 063: Jonathan Worth on the Photograph, the Image and the Now

Originally published at: OEG Voices 063: Jonathan Worth on the Photograph, the Image and the Now – OEG Voices

You might think the answer to question “What is a photograph?” is trivial. Listen to our conversation with professional photographer and innovative educator Jonathan Worth to appreciate not only the difference between the digital image and the photography, but also an interesting perspective on what photography is in 2024, given the influece of not only artificial intelligence, but also the commons use of the devices Jonathan refers to as the “slab in your hand.” Learn more about Jonathan’s formative years as a student of photography at University of Derby, mentorships with professionals, developing his own career creating images used for…

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I am bit biased as I have known and had the privilege to collaborate with Jonathan on parallel open media making and his phonar open photography courses back in 2012~2104. And yes, when I visited he took my photo with his fancy film camera and I snapped him at the same time

Jonathan Worth flickr photo by cogdogblog shared under a Creative Commons (BY) license

As you will hear in the podcast, Jonathan’s perspective is fresh and insightful, bringing to me a needed perspective on AI and photography, but as well, glimpses of some truly innovative teaching he leads now at Nottingham Trent University.

And look! I enticed @Jonathan to join OEG Connect, so use this space to respond to our conversation with questions or comments. And I am hoping to rope him into joining an OE Week Live webcast during Open Education Week.

Thank you Alan! I’d love to connect or reconnect with OE folks interested in any of the themes you drove us into. Looking forward to next time. :slight_smile: