OEG Voices 10: Werner Westermann Juárez

Originally published at: OEG Voices 10: Werner Westermann Juárez – OEG Voices

Is the broad scale reusability of Open Education Resources (OER) limited by a long held paradox? Listen to this exciting conversation with Chilean teacher and systemic OER advocate Werner Westermann Juárez describing his recent work to align Spanish language OER to primary and secondary curriculum at a country wide scale. Even more exciting is that this work was accomplished with Learning Equality’s Kolibri Studio, a platform that can provide learning experiences in places lacking internet connectivity. In another newest Spanish language episode of OEG Voices, Marcela Morales, OE Global Director of Community Relations engages Werner in a conversation where he…

And here we are in OEG Connect. Have you had a chance to listen to the podcast with @wernerio ? Or read his blog post on this topic-- “Offline OER and the Reusability Paradox

What are your thoughts on Werner’s revisit of the Reusability Paradox? Are you interested in the concept of “Offline OER”? Maybe you want to get some more insight into the Kolibri Studio platform?

Questions are welcome here! And @wernerio is here too.

Thank you Alan to start the conversation, attentive at this side for any comments on the questions or other questions that can emerge. Best wishes to all,