OEG Voices Now on YouTube

We don’t really do “seasons” on the OEG Voices Podcast, but we change up our logo a bit for a new year.

OEGlobal Voices The Podcast 2024

For 2024 we getting ready to produce a new string of episodes including:

  • catching up with OE Award Winners (see previous)
  • every two month will be a new episode featuring voices of OEG Board members (we’ve done a pilot, see all as they get added)
  • Look for a number happening as open events during Open Education Week (see previous)
  • and we always are eager to follow your suggestions as to who we should bring into the studio.

A big new addition discovered by @cogdog we have activated a new feature YouTube offers to create a playlist/podcast there that is automatically populated by our RSS feed. It’s more or less YouTube subscribing to us.

You can listen to newest or past episodes there in YouTube

If you are interested in YouTube’s new support for Podcasts via RSS, see

See his blog post where he tries to explain how it works

Finally we have a dynamic entry as well for OER Voices as an On Demand Smart Link, which shows all of the other places the podcast is available from-- check it out at https://pods.link/oegvoices

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You may not notice, but after publishing a new episode after connecting the OEG Voices RSS feed to our YouTube playlist, it automatically added the newest episode, reflected to in the embed above.

It works!