OEG Voices Podcast with Winners of UNESCO OER Award Published (and the door remains open)

Thanks to everyone who responded to the call for audio clips from the 294 Winners of the UNESCO OER Implementation OE Award. We just published the first hour’s worth featuring 34 of the 294:

Thanks again to Alexander Mikroyannidis, Aras Bozkurt, Chrissi Nerantzi, Christian Stracke, Cristine Gusmão, Derek Moore, Ebba Ossiannilsso, Eseta Tualaulele, Gaby Lutgens, Gino Fransman, Helene Pulker, Imelda Parcasio, Jennifer Miller, Josie Milliken, Judith Fathallah, Judith Sebesta, Kelly Mckenna, Lais Souza, Laura Henderson, Mais Fatayer, Marie Beebe, Maryanne Karamagi, Maya Anderson-Gonzalez, Melissa Guadalupe Huertas, Miguel Ángel Pereira, Naomi Wahls, Nichole Saad, Odysseas Frank, Paola Corti, Penny Bentley, Ramesh Sharma, Rovani Sigamoney, Thanassis Frank, and Verena Roberts.

The Door Remains Open!

We will leave the invitation for anyone who missed the call! We will collect and share them, and when there is enough we will mix them into a new episode.

Francisco Anzola, Wikimedia Commons image Doorway (218852771), image through doorway remix by @cogdog of Pixabay microphone image by Pexels with Pixabay lego crowd image by Eak K CC BY 3.0

We welcome you to contribute a 3 minute audio response introducing yourself, sharing the topic of your award winning presentation, and anything else you would like to add about your work/interests in Open Education and its connection to the implementation of the UNESCO OER Recommendation.

Please share them via our Flipgrid recording space where you can directly record your audio (just set the recording options to mic only). You do not have to join, please use the guest code UNESCO2021 to access the reply feature.

All responses collected are added to the FlipGrid Mixtape of all messages sent to us https://flipgrid.com/+00h4q9d0.

Or just share via a reply below any other comments, highlights that you wish to share or updates to your efforts since the 2021 OEGlobal online conference.

Thank you again for sharing your voices.