OEGlobal Conference: 2023 Call for Proposals is Open!

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The call for proposals for OEGlobal 2023 is now open. The OEGlobal 2023 program committee welcomes proposals for sessions and participants from every educational sector

I love the idea of a “wild card” as an option for both topics and formats. Excited to see what alternatives are going to be suggested!

Hi All! Getting excited to fianlly join an in person conference again!
is there any estimate of registration fees so that I might budget my big trip from Australia ?

Does anyone know if there will be options to bring someone in hybrid to present? We have a mix of full-time, part-time, industry partner, and students who are interested in presenting but limited PD budgets to full-time. I wondered about having one member of the presentation ZOOM in or alternatively, recording their part and playing. Thanks in advance!

Hi @JoFunk OH MY GOSH I am embarrassed to have missed your question. I am banging on the pipes now to find an answer. Feel free to message me directly if I do not get an answer right away.

It would be beyond fantastic to have you in Edmonton.

Hi Kim, Thanks for asking here. I am always putting the pressure on the conference planners to consider the remote participation options, and am going to start a new conversation here soon.

Frankly I think your idea of having a mix of in person and remote presenters is a much better approach than trying to create hybrids of solely online and solely face to face, and I urge you to plan for this style.

The registration fees are available at https://conference.oeglobal.org/2023/registrations/