#oeglobal20 OE Global in Social Media (Share where you share)

We encourage conference participants to share activity, presentations, posts to whatever social media platform(s) you engage with. All content in OEG Connect is built to share, just look for the icon share to copy a web address, or share directly to twitter, facebook, LinkedIn, or by email. Where possible share with a #oeglobal20 hashtag.

Where and in what social media platforms are you active? We have set up this post to be a wiki, so anyone can edit under the sections below to list where they are active. Look for the edit button below. If you wish to share where you share, just add to the list your OEG Connect username and the URL to your profile in each platform.

And add as a reply below, any kind of reaction, response, you got by sharing something from OE Global 2020 in social media.


See latest tweets tagged #oeglobal20 as well as a visualization of the conversations generated by Martin Hawksey’s Twitter TAGS

Yes, I share on Twitter (add @ + your Connect username and your twitter link):


See Facebook posts tagged oeglobal20

Yes, I share on Facebook (add @ + your Connect username and your Facebook link):


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Another Social Media Platform

Where else do you share? Copy the format of the headings and links above to provide a section for another social media space

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Thanks, Cogdog
Sharing is a great way to create awareness about the conference and the OE, I have started sharing it on my social platforms. I heartily appreciate the strenuous efforts made by the entire team. A bouquet of flowers for all of you. :bouquet:

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Thanks, @Mario for generous like, It’s a great pleasure for me to meet a graphic designer especially working in the field of open software, It would be a pleasure to share more about the same with you. Have a wonderful time ahead. :slightly_smiling_face:

Thank you @romasjoseph for sharing and participating :sun:
I’m proud and happy to be part of OEG team and this community!
Best of luck!

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Thanks, @Mario. Wish you the same.