OER Conversion Tool "convOERter"

convOERter is a tool that converts the educational resources to OER. The tool (convOERter) is designed to read a file, extract all images as well as all possible metadata and substitute them with OER elements in a semi-automated manner.
Here is the tool link: https://convoerter.elearn.rwth-aachen.de/en/.
We would be thankful if you would try it and send us your feedback! :slightly_smiling_face:

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Thank you Lubna for taking up the suggestion to share the convOERter here. I gave it a quick test with one of my own PowerPoint files. It was easy to use.

Any metadata identified would have to be in the images themself, correct?

I can see this being useful in repurposing content not openly licensed (or perhaps not attributed) with replacements that are known. I usually put the attributions into the slides or document, does the tool provide that information or does it travel with the new image as metadata.

Do you know in what ways people are using the tool?

I hope more people here give the convOERter a try.

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Hi Alan,

Your welcome! And thanks again for your suggestion and for testing convOERter!

The metadata we focus on here are those related to replacing the image. These are listed under the image directly after retrieving it from the portal.

The tool would be of interest for educators, who has produced/ prepared educational materials and would like to transform it to OER.

We would like to offer Workshops to introduce the concept of OER to the educators at universities and introduce conOERter and we are planning to evaluate the functionality/concept of convOERter through a survey designed for that. Do you know anyone interested on such workshops? The workshops will be for free und could be offered online via Zoom as well as offline.

Thanks and best regards,


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Lubna, I cannot suggest audiences for a workshop. It seems first to share as much information and demonstrations as possible to get people interested.

It might help to create some screencast videos that show the process. I can also see it useful to provide some before and after files or demos so viewers can see the difference it makes.

There might be an opportunity next month as we are planning some online activities offered during the May 23-25 OEGlobal in-person conference in Nantes, France. We aim to find ways for those who cannot attend to have opportunities aligned with the conference. This is not an online conference with scheduled sessions but looking for activities/exercises/explorations people might be able to do in this asynchronous format here. Think of it more like rather than showing the tool of setting up exercises people can do themselves to understand what convOERter can do.

One possibility might be to post sample starting content in presentation/document formats and ask to recast as OER using the convOERter. I think it would interesting to see how different people make improvements. I will let you know soon when you can see the space here we are setting up.

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Thanks, Alan! We are preparing currently a demo video for the tool! I will share it once it is ready.

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