OER Mythbusting (circa 2021)

While it appears to have been published back in 2014, there’s a lot to appreciate about the approach of the OER Mythbusting site, created as part of the OER Policy for Europe project.


Organized as a short series of posts with additional resources, it includes both parts that make up a guide to OER and the myths themselves, e.g.

As pointed out by my colleague @unatdaly SPARC published a version in 2017 based on input from librarians in the US and Canada

This seems like a useful framework for addressing issues in creating/adopting OERs. I’m just curious to know, are these myths still prevalent in 2021? Which one(s) do you address most regularly? Are there new myths? Are there other versions of this? Is there value in using this approach?


In the Chart . “What are most typical arguments You hear against Open Educational Resources?”

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