OER Resources Padlet

One could make a list of all the places that make lists of OER Resources.

So here is one more, but it is rather comprehensive and well organized as a padlet, with categories like "Open Textbooks: “OER in Various Formats” “Open Source” “Open Pedagogy” “OER Research” and more. It’s not everything, but maybe there is something in there new to you?

What are your go to resource collections for OE?


@cogdog, it’s an “old” pet of mine which definitely needs a 2022 update. I should also make it editable, so the collective can add whatever new(er) additions are missing :slight_smile:

Well hello Joerdis, I’m honored to find you here!

It’s a wonderful pet, especially for the way it is organized. We’d be happy to try and summon some OEGlobal people to contribute or at least reply with suggestions.

I can say as someone who often does this, you are never quite done curating resources. That’s a positive to me!

@cogdog I have to admit this OEG forum space is rather new to me, but I would be happy to come back here more frequently to help feed that neglected pet of mine with nourishing input from other people, so we can make it shine in fur, mind, and spirit (and better represent current waves in that vast ocean of #OER ).

That would be wonderful. All we need are some compelling reasons for people to come here and contribute. With an account, you can create new topics in this area, and others in OEG Connect.

I’m more than happy to help craft a call- this could be an activity maybe you would like to lead during Open Education week in March (7-11)?

I love that idea of a gathering activity during OE week, @cogdog . Rope me in!

Hello, @joerdis_w - the rope is ready. Our form just opened that can be used to contribute Open Education Week activities.

You can design the call for contributions to your padlet in any way you see fit, it could be a live webinar, a call from a web page, and you can even create your own topic in the “Do OEWeek Activities” area of in OEG Connect as the home for the activity.

Let us know if we can assist in any way, Alan

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