On Sharing Slides

This was written in a private message to a presenter, but seems worth adding here for others. This person asked about how to share their presentation slides. The short answer is… anyway you can where they are accessible by a link.

The only kinds of uploads we have available now are for images and PDFs. Here are some suggestions, the choice may depend on what you use to create slide decks. Whatever way works for you is best.

  1. Create in or upload a powerpoint to Google Slides. From there, it can be shared as a link. Just putting that link on a blank line in Connect does something like:
  1. Upload a Powerpoint to Slideshare. You can think of Slideshare as YouTube for PowerPoints. This can be viewed without special software. embedded into the editor too.
  1. Export as PDF. We do allow uploads of PDF files, so they could be attached using the upload file/image button image-upload

Llama Llama Llama_ _Llama Llama.pdf (654.7 KB)

  1. Presentations saved as PDF can also be uploaded to Speaker Deck, another service to share slides e,g, https://speakerdeck.com/cogdog/llama-llama-llama

  2. Create a download (best compressed as a .zip file) from any place you can make a file publicly available, e.g. Google Drive, DropBox, etc. Just create a hyperlink to them, e.g. Download slides from DropBox

There are certainly more ways to share! If you have suggestions, reply below.

And another advantage of making your slides available ahead of time is so your session tech support can access and display them if you are having technical challenges at the time of your talk.