Once Upon an Online Time: Cybersecurity Issues recast through Classic Fairy Tales

Originally published at: Once Upon an Online Time: Cybersecurity Issues recast through Classic Fairy Tales – OEGlobal

Combining a concern for making cybersecurity understandable to children and a decline in their reading habits, Ajita Deshmukh (Individual OEGlobal Member) has published in Once Upon an Online Time an open resource of classic fairy tales re-told with characters and plots related to cybersecurity. Ajita described her project in one of the OEG Live webcasts held during the 2024 Open Education Week and last month she was kind enough to share the link with us. This seemed like an ideal story to revive our series of OEG World stories, where we share an example of an OE Global member’s efforts…

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I hope visitors here take time to explore Once Upon and Online Time created and shared by @AjitaD

I’ve been able to map the newly told stories to their original, but leave it to our audience here to do their own matching. It’s interesting that in Cyber Red’s Online Odyssey the dangerous character is a fox where I remember it as a wolf- is that how the story of Red Riding Hood is known where you are, or is that part of the new story?

Also, I am curious to know if you are considering adding to this collection? Oh and what kind of reactions have you hear from readers and parents?

Thanks again for sharing your marvelous creation.

Thankyou for this post and sharing some intriguing thoughts. Yes, these are the stories that many of us grew with. It opened to us a world of unknown symbols and settings especially which soon became part of our daily conversations. We often use them in our conversations and (nowadays) memes. So, the idea was to create ‘something old, something new’ :sweat_smile: :sweat_smile:- familiar but new.

And indeed @sushumna played a key role in making this book see the light of the day.

I really hope that these stories are retold, adapted and reach maximum people and used for benefit.