:sync: Open Education Cooperative "EduCoop"

Authors: Aleksandra Czetwertyńska, Karolina Szczepaniak
Institution: Centrum Cyfrowe
Country: Poland

Topic: Connecting Open Education to Primary and Secondary (K-12) Education
Sector: K-12
UNESCO Area of Focus: Inclusive OER
Session Format: Workshop


At Centrum Cyfrowe Foundation, we have been focusing for a very long time on policy work and advocacy for Open Education. Our goal is to secure in Poland a general open licensing policy for public educational content and possibly other Open Education related rules.

Yet in the last three years we understood, that open policies will not be successful if they are not supported by a community of educators (teachers, librarians) who are Open Education leaders, and who have the competence to use the Open Education model in their work. And the only way to do that is through practice, and not just describing abstract policy rules.

In our workshop, we would like to present the Open Education Cooperative “EduCoop” (Spółdzielnia Otwartej Edukacji). On the beginning EduCoop invited teachers to co-create open educational resources. Our tool is based on 4 basic values: cooperation, learning, creating open resources and adventure. As a result, teachers gain confidence, find a group in which they are appreciated and listened to, learn about new educational tools available online, learn to use Creative Commons licenses. Then we started work with librarians online.

Creating open resources is then a pleasure and an adventure for them. In the process we found out that while openness is an important principle for the project, it is cooperation and empowerment that are the real value. This experience leads us to work online with librarians on the bigger scale. We understand that library nowadays should be more like competence center then source of knowledge and our method is great way to help them.

We will show the method of action that we use in our work with teachers and librarians. For everyone to understand how the OER creation method works in collaboration, we invite participants to design their own open mini-project.

If there is such a possibility and time allows it, we will try to use real online tools, and if there is less time we will stop at the stage of planning work in canvas.
We would like to focus this time on alternative methods of talking/teaching about Creative Commons licenses.
Workshops will consist of following elements:

  • talking about method
  • creation of working groups (integration),
  • a short exchange of experiences and ideas
  • planning, in groups, open resources related to topics that we talked about (using canvas)
  • if there is a time: creating our own oer

This will all happen in a light atmosphere, using simple, nice tools.
Our workshop method allows quick results to be achieved - each group should leave the workshop with a specific idea. On the other hand, thanks to the modular structure leaves a lot of space for learning from yourself and discussion.
We will end with sharing reflections about this and other co-creation methods. We are keen to learn about other projects that develop such methodologies.


K-12, open education resources, cooperation

Hi everyone! I’m starting to create this session. Meanwhile you might be intrested in our Open Education Policy Forum. This is very good place to meet us before OEGlobal.

More info

Also we will try to make this session as cooperative and interactive as possible online. More info soon.

As I am getting ready for tomorrow, I would like to share with you our report about open education during pandemic: https://centrumcyfrowe.pl/wp-content/uploads/sites/16/2020/10/Open-Education-as-a-game-changer-stories-from-the-pandemic-EN.pdf

This is not our main topic, but still could be quite interesting.
I’d be grateful if we could all have the cameras turned on, at least at the beginning of the workshop, to get to know each other.If it is impossible, of course I understand.

one more thing: one more thing: prepare a piece of paper and something to write / draw. See you soon!

Kopia Projekt OZE(3).pdf (432.1 KB)
For now pdf, I’m working on open format - it is canas that we are using when we working with our teachers on co-creation of OER

And link to jamboard, that we used during workshops: https://jamboard.google.com/d/1zvsNXJfG-4xck0QOnsL1A1KebMrAGB4RS5yC8MQdzp4/viewer?f=0

Session recording: