Open Education in a Time of Pandemic and Social Injustice

As Executive Director of Open Education Global (OEG), I recently published an ED Insight post outlining our position on current global challenges. It affirms our organizations belief in the power of education as a means of enhancing understanding, compassion, and empathy.

The current global crises around the pandemic and social injustices are matters that directly affect all of us in open education. We’ve set up this area of OEG Connect for facilitated dialogue on these crises and the ways open education can help resolve them.

We seek here your perspectives on what actions you are taking, what actions you recommend OEG take, and what we can do together as global community.

  • What is the role of Open Education in solving these challenges?
  • How can we enhance understanding globally while at the same time acknowledging unique local and regional contexts?
  • What can you share or offer as resources, practices, policies and means by which you are dealing with the pandemic and social injustices?
  • As a global membership organization what actions do you recommend OEG pursue?
  • How can we work together to bring about change?

We are devoted to listening to ideas from members of OEG and beyond.
We invite you to post, listen, and learn as we collectively work to generate a shared understanding and course of action.