Open Education in European Libraries of Higher Education

SPARC Europe just released a report “Open Education in European Libraries of Higher Education.” This report, on the open education landscape among libraries of higher education institutions in Europe, is a first of its kind using data from a comprehensive survey.

Great to see some of OEG’s members participated.

Really like the top ten recommendations for libraries depending on where they are in the lifecycle of open education offering:

  1. Explore opportunities for seed-funding projects to kick-start efforts
  2. Explore establishing a granting programme to create OER
  3. Earmark some of your library budget for OE
  4. Libraries: take leadership in OE; many peers are. Hearts and minds have already been won with OS.
  5. Help initiate or develop an OE policy (locally or nationally); policies are still thin on the ground. Build on the policies of peers
  6. Invest more in understanding the interplays between professionals & stakeholders locally and externally, e.g. develop a stakeholder management plan
  7. Engage more in the co-creation of OER
  8. Identify the skills you need for OE/OER, and upskill by partnering more internally / externally
  9. Step up advocacy efforts towards teaching staff and management by drawing on good practices / advocacy tools & identify local champions
  10. Locate where and what OERs are being created to make them optimally accessible and monitor growth over time.
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