Open Education Infographics


Gabriela Montorzi has created an infographics on Open Education, available as a PDF and also in English, French and Spanish with CC BY licence and source file provided (.eps format).

Open Education Infographic
Open Education Infographic by Gabriela Montorzi shared under a CC BY license

Find it here:

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This is beautifully done. I like how the colors of the bird, flower, and leaf match the colors of the icons. It’s not too wordy or too cluttered with information. You have a good eye for space.

I agree with Susan, Barbara, this is a fantastic infographic, a beautiful gift, kudos to Gabriela (I hope you don’t mind I edited your post a wee bit to include the image and direct links.

I am really appreciating the cyclical framework of Open Learning and Open Practices hovering over the characteristic of Open Values. Noting as well technology is just one stop on the wheel.

And indeed the clean design is impressive too, its nice to see a blue bird that we can appreciate.

Thanks again for sharing Barbara, I’d like to let this sink in, and hopefully hear from others. I can see this is providing some structure for future discussion and activities.

I think the blue bird is a representation of a humming bird. They symbolize healing, bringer of light, and joy on journey. Open Ed in a nutshell?

Beautiful and comprehensive, many thanks.

Very nice and It is a timely one for me as I was thinking to make one in my language “Telugu” as I am delivering a session on OER awareness in Telugu in OE Week. So, now I will translate this and use as it is with CC BY.

Thanks ton @BarbaraClass :).

*@cogdog @BarbaraClass we are not able to access it, as the link gives 403 forbidden error. Please check.

Which link is not working? It does not help much for me to say “it works for me”, but I am able to access the source article at Is that the one generating the 403? Hopefully it was temporary.

Are you trying to download the PDF or the .eps version? I can download and send to you.

Still the same error showing me. Please sare .eps and PDF.

*Attached a screenshot of the error.

Maybe you can try this direct link to the pdf? Hope this one will work, else could it be an IP problem? Maybe you could try to log via a VPN and see if you can access?

Most unusual, I sent Sushumna a link to a temporary copy.

This directly downloaded the PDF. Thought of using VPN, but I got a copy from @cogdog already. Thank you @cogdog and @BarbaraClass