Open For Stories of Educator Responses to COVID-19

In April of 2020 we launched our site to collect “Extraordinary” stories of how educators globally were responding to the changes forced on us by COVID-19.

We’ve seen a good variety of stories added to the site from Guatemala, Mexico, Costa Rica, the Netherlands, Nepal, but I always seek more:


many in Spanish as we set up a special OE LATAM sub-collection and a translated contribution form.

Open Education Week is an ideal time to contribute your story to the collection. Perhaps “Extraordinary” suggests we expect epic large scale stories but that is not true.

Here we are collecting stories of the efforts educators (individual teachers and staff), communities, and institutions are making to support learners through the COVID-19 global pandemic.

What we seek is something short and inspiring that shows how educators are helping learners in this time, along with an image to represent it, and perhaps a link to find more information. Extraordinary does not mean huge or epic, as now everything is beyond ordinary. Small, personal stories are welcome.

The effort required is not much more than writing an email. We ask for a photo/screenshot and a brief description, and perhaps a link if relevant.

Can we ask you to share one during Open Education Week? If yes, share it directly to the story collection.

Or just explore the collection (for fun try the random story link?) maybe add a comment, or post a reply here in OEG Connect describing what you found.