Open Pedagogy Community of Practice (University of Alberta, Canada)

Hello everyone!

We had a lovely first session on Tuesday, Aug 24. 82 registrants, 37 attendees. I’d like to spread the word about our next meeting on November 16, 2021, 1pm - 3pm MDT.

Resources and recorded content will be available in about a week on our page:

Registration is open to anyone:

I am seeking collaborators! If you’re interested in collaborating on some of this work with me, please email me at or find me on twitter @mcnuttsays.

I hope to see you on Nov 16. :slight_smile:


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@cogdog Hi Alan! I just questioned myself posting this here. Does it fit better in events? I wondered if this is meant for OEG and OERCCC led PD stuff. I’m happy to repost elsewhere. Thanks!

Hey Krysta, it’s all fine, we don’t have hard rules like that in an open community- and it is appropriate for the Open Pedagogy area… It fits in both! I’m just happy to see you using this space.