Open Resilience Award: Project SALUS, Node COVID-19

  • Instituto Americano Cultural SC. Mexico City, Mexico
  • Grupo Grial-Universidad de Salamanca, Spain
  • Colegio Madrid A.C. Mexico City, Mexico.
  • Instituto Politécnico Nacional Centro de Investigación en Ciencia Aplicada y Tecnología Avanzada - Unidad Legaria.

Strengthening Indigenous culture, identity and well being, through public health informatics.

The indigenous communities of Latin America are outstandingly resilient. They have demonstrated this for centuries. However, they are an extremely vulnerable population facing inequities everyday. These inequalities have been exacerbated by COVID-19.

The circumstances of some indigenous communities today are extremely fragile. They live precarious conditions even among the most vulnerable. This situation translates into low access to health services, lack of education and knowledge about the current pandemic and poor access to resources to buy basic provisions, and more exposure to contagion.

It is important to recognize that this vulnerability is linked to minimal information about Coronavirus, minimal testing, lack of treatment, and rehabilitation conditions; that the costs associated with Coronavirus care - usually in remote urban centers - are beyond their reach; and that chronic problems such as malnutrition, respiratory disease and Diabetes Mellitus aggravate the health situation.

Strategies such as Project SALUS, Node COVID-19 proportionate verified information from is original languages on written and audio format as an effective action that promotes public health in these communities. This way of action recognized the proper culture of these communities and clarified the key information for the prevention of the pandemic and gave a better way to live in this global emergency.

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Project SALUS, Node Covid-19, is a multidisciplinary effort, focused on helping the general population through information. We are now focused on spreading this message in order to mitigate the impact of the SARS-CoV-2 pandemic.
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Project Salus Node Covid-19 is a secure central location that houses electronic current medical information. Project Salus allows users and people in general access to information in order to support them with extra acknowledge about COVID-19, treatment and a simple and clear understanding of medical terms. Project Salus allows them access to information more efficiently, improving the care that users receive.
Why indigenous communities?
Health is a fundamental human right recognized in many international institutions, whose exercise is directly linked to the implementation of other rights - to housing, drinking water, sanitation, education, information, employment, among others (UNESCO sustainable goals); therefore, its materialization goes beyond the strictly sanitary field. Since all these rights have special connotations for indigenous people involving both individual as well as collective dimensions, it is assumed that their right to health is not only closely linked, but depends on the exercise of their collective rights.In this context, the rights of indigenous peoples in the field of health include the recognition of the right to attain and maintain the highest attainable standard of physical health and access to adequate, quality and culturally appropriate care and information without discrimination relevant. They also promote the right to cultural integrity in health matters, which is based on the integral concept of the well-being of indigenous peoples, involves both the use strengthening and control of traditional medicine as well as the protection of their territories as vital spaces for individual and collective health.


Hello everybody. We are very grateful about the prize and the help that we are gining ti the indigenous communities. This team effort has its origin in the necessity to create open educative resources that helps vulnerable communities, with the comprehension of the social behavior of this communities. The workteam between translators and physicians as a model of cooperation between different academics helping in the context of the pandemics. I read your coments, have a nice day.

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Hello @HarryTG and @quoholet,
The work you are doing with and for the indigenous communities is so important! Raising awareness about the needs of these minority groups in the current context of Covid19 is vital. Your work has really touched my heart.
Kudos to you and your team! :slight_smile:

Hola Marcela,
Muchas gracias por tus palabras,
Ante la importancia y necesidad de estar informados sobre COVID-19, varios gobiernos de los pueblos originarios, nos dieron su permiso de trabajar con su lengua, a la que consideran su patrimonio y de esta forma se dio respeto a las mismas,
Además de ayudar informando en salud, se preserva el patrimonio cultural de los pueblos originarios, al preservar la lengua escrita y la pronunciación correcta por parte de los traductores que fueron designados por sus autoridades,
Ha sido una bella experiencia

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