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Kimberly Ernstmeyer (Chippewa Valley Technical College), Vince Mussehl (Chippewa Valley Technical College)

Tour three nursing OER textbooks created by the Open Resources for Nursing (Open RN) project, including Nursing Pharmacology, Nursing Skills, and Nursing Fundamentals. These textbooks are published in Pressbooks with CC-BY licensing and uploaded to LibreTexts for easy remixing and alignment with your curriculum. An associated virtual simulation learning activity that was created using an H5P branching scenario will also be demonstrated.

Extended abstract: OE_Global_2021_paper_11.pdf 📄

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UNESCO OER Action Area: Building capacity
Format: Asynchronous Interactive Activity
Language: English


This activity can be completed at any time during (or after) the conference.

Instructions and materials for the activity will be added below by the authors. They will provide specific details on how to participate and what to share back as a response to the activity.


Read more about the Open RN project, view and download the Open RN textbooks on the Open RN website

Hello, I am Kim Ernstmeyer, the project director of the Open Resources for Nurses (Open RN) project, funded by an Open Textbook Pilot grant from the U.S. Department of Education. I have been a nurse educator for over 16 years and a nurse for almost 30 years. I am passionate about teaching nursing students how to provide safe, high quality, empathetic, patient-centered care.

Vince Mussehl, the Lead Librarian of the Open RN project will be joining me to provide a tour of the first three Open RN nursing OER textbooks as well as one of the H5P branching scenarios. We develop virtual simulations using H5P branching scenarios that encourage students to use clinical judgment as they apply content to patient care and receive formative feedback.

The recorded presentation lasts about 20 minutes so you can fit it into your schedule when you are available. We will provide some suggested asynchronous interactive activities related to the Open RN project and welcome any questions in this discussion area!

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View the Recorded Presentation and Presentation Slides

Interactive Activities:

  1. View or download the Open RN e-books by visiting

  2. Practice completing H5P activities in the “Learning Activities” subsection of any Open RN textbook chapter. For example, try flashcards, drag and drop, fill in the blank, and a branching scenario in Nursing Fundamentals Chapter 15, Section 8.

  3. View of list of Open RN H5P branching scenarios from LibreText Studio. “Reuse” an Open RN branching scenario by downloading the H5P link that can be copied into your course materials or Learning Management System (LMS).


Kimberley, thanks for sharing this incredible collection of Nursing resources. As we come through this pandemic it seems to me that we all have a heightened awareness of the importance of nurses and other frontline workers. Nursing is one of those professions and subject matter areas that is shared globally. I’m sure some practices and tools differ around the world but the underlying knowledge I expect is common.

Are there opportunities for collaboration around your Open RN project beyond simply encouraging others to look at and reuse the works you have developed? Is there something your initiative is seeking that a collaborator in another part of the world could help develop? Is there an opportunity to create some kind of global nursing community of practice to coordinate and share open education resources and practices that are mutually beneficial?

I know it takes effort to coordinate, manage and share in this way but it seems to me that not doing so is a missed opportunity. Curious to hear your thoughts on this.

And congratulations on your work being an Open Education Award for Excellence winner in 2020!

Thank you, Paul, I agree that nursing is a subject area/profession that is shared globally to promote health. The Open RN textbooks have also been accepted as OE4BW projects addressing UNESCO SDG “Good Health and Wellbeing” - perhaps there is a way to continue to build on that platform as a repository of quality OERs organized by SDGs?

Kimberley, great to hear that your Open RN work is being incorporated into OE4BW projects and contributing to the UNESCO SDG on Good Health and Wellbeing. I think thats good. I wonder if it could be incorporated into the SDG Academy which seems to have an interest in aggregating resources related to the SDG’s. SDG resources on Good Health and Wellbeing are currently very spartan.

Hi Kim,
I was discussing OER with with the nursing chair and dean just yesterday, and they are very interested in the Open RN project. Thanks for this presentation. I will be sharing it with them.

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For more insight into Kim’s work and the Open RN project, listen to our OEG Voices podcast conversation:


Thank you for the suggestion, Paul, we submitted an application to add our resources to the SDG Academy for Good Health and Wellbeing.