Open Text book on "Mitochondrial Inheritance"

Dear all happy to share that my Open Text book on “Mitochondrial Inheritance”" has been approved and featured on the OE Week website.

I will be happy to have suggestions from this forum about this book.

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Thank you Malathii for sharing your open textbook for Open Education Week and as well for sharing it here.

I do not know much about mitochondria (but now I can via your book!) – your description of them as “the powerhouse of the cell” says much about their importance. I would hope we have other biology/anatomy instructors here who can offer more concrete suggestions.

I am happy to see the use of interactive H5P activities for providing in context practice and self checks on understanding (and not surprised seeing that the book is hosted at Justwrite. Do you have a sense of how your students make use of this kind of learning material.

And that is a very welcoming touch to see your video on the introduction of the book, I find this most appealing to meet the author.

Thank you again for sharing this for Open Education Week.

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Hello @Malathi,

Thank you for your contribution to OEWeek! I enjoyed clicking through your open textbook.

As you mentioned, you are happy to receive feedback, so I thought I’d offer some suggestions. I noticed that some sections were a bit harder to read than others. When you used bullet points and bold text it made the text more legible and easier to follow. Some pages have it, some don’t. Perhaps it might be helpful to use more of those formatting techniques throughout the resource?

Great job on including a video in your content! Have you considered adding more videos to enhance the content further? Additionally, there appears to be background noise in the video. Perhaps using a microphone would be useful to make your voice clearer and the content even more engaging.

Overall, I really enjoyed your online resource, and I appreciate you sharing it with the community. Thank you for all the hard work you put into creating it!

A couple of more things:

  • Would it be possible to have a one-page printable (or downloadable) version of the entire resource?
  • You’re not using hyperlinks anywhere inside the text. Would it make sense to link to other resources elsewhere on the internet, directly from the text (not just References)?
  • In References, you may want to make all links clickable (some are just text). Also, you can safely remove #:~:text=Unlike%20nuclear%20genes%2C%20which%20are,their%20children%2C%20and%20so%20on. from the URL. It’s not necessary for the link to function.

This is certainly doable in the Pressbook platform, but it is also something deep within the settings. A Pressbook can be set up to provide downloadable versions in PDF, EPUB, and more formats).

Some of these capabilities depend on the server where Malathi’s book is hosted. I think maybe @sushumna who coordinates the Justwrite platform can answer better (?)

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Thank you for those words of encouragement. This open text book is actually a learning material which I did for my students that turned to an open text book . Believe it could benefit the global student community.

Thank you for the feed back about the book. Will do the suggested corrections . It is really encouraging !

Sure thing, as @Malathi is still working on the minor things in the book, we thought we will provide the downloadable option once done. Mostly will be done in a weeks time (by OE Week '23) :slight_smile:

Also I would like to know is there any other way other than Hypothesis for annotating ? Please suggest. Meanwhile I suggested @Malathi to have a link to a feedback form in the book.

Onceagain thank you for great suggestions!!

Happy OE Week in advance!!

Oh that makes sense, I was guessing it is not a final product.

I am not aware of other means to annotate built into Pressbooks beyond But I hardly know everything!

Feed back form added to the book ma’am .
Thank you ma’am

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