Opening up resources for Internet Governance Forum


I am interested in promoting OER for those people involved in the Internet Governance Forum (IGF).
Japan is hosting IGF for 2023, and I am communicating with people volunteering in Japan organizing them.
They want their resources to be open and accessible, but normally put (c) in their copyright disclaimer. It may be that many do not know about OER.

My idea is to introduce them to the idea of OER and provide a quick policy guide to open-license their voluntary Japanese contents to harness further learning opportunities through community of practice.

Is there any resources I can refer to in strategizing/creating these steps?

Thanks @cogdog for suggesting to post on OE Plaza.

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Great Initiative. Are you looking for resources. Which can be circulated among them? If yes, there are many resources that introduce OER. Here are some examples.

  1. What is OER? - Creative Commons
  2. What are Open Educational Resources? – BCcampus OpenEd Resources
  3. A short course on open educational resources (OER) from COL (Commonwealth of Learning).
  4. Guidelines on the development of open educational resources policies
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Very good indeed to introduce OER TO IGF
UNESCO has just launched short videos in Eng and Fr on the UNESCO OER Recommendations Links to videos from UNESCO on OER Recommendations

Maybe you also want to learn more about the IDE OER Advocacy Committee, we have Ambassadors in all global regions I am Chairing Committee

Links to videos from UNESCO on OER Recommendation

Open Educational Resources (OER) - YouTube
The FR versions of the videos are below the E versions . Best Zeynep

Please let me know if you need anything else

Best, use, and share!


The links to the videos are Open Educational Resources (OER) - YouTube
The FR versions of the videos are below the E versions


Thank you Sushumna, yes. This is very helpful.
I am at a point “wouldn’t it make sense to advocate OER in IGF?” ideation stage, so I think I need to think in more detail, such as the timeline and goal.

I started out pondering, then with filling in the worksheet Action Planning for Advancing Open Educatio and felt like I need more specific instruments so I went through 4. 1. Guidelines on the development of open educational resources policies which has been very helpful.

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Thank you so much Ebba! I visit the ICDE website to learn more about alternative credentials these years. :grinning:
I am not in any decision making position, but I just think it wouldn’t be a bad idea for them to turn their resources into OER so here I am being open and advocating, ( and asking for help; I immensely appreciate your feedback). It is encouraging to hear from you, I don’t have a very good compass to map out various UN related initiatives.

The IGF Code of Conduct writes,

Facilitate transparency and openness when participating in Internet governance-related policy discussions.

After all, the internet is the enabler for our learning and forming communities!

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So great to see responses to Keiko’s request.

A start might be the Creative Commons Japan site – they are on twitter too as well as Facebook, maybe they can help advocate your efforts? The wiki entry for Creative Commons licenses in Japanese are at the 2.1 version.

I will try to tap in @Katsu for some insight into OER practices specific in Japan. I found in one of his OEGlobal presentations a reference to the Copyright guide published at Hokkaido University

I had read that there are special copyright allowances for school us ein Japan, the link from the guide above to Society for the Administration of Remuneration for Public Transmission for School Lessons (SARTRAS) as well as the Copyright Research and Information Center (English version)

Apologies if these are obvious sources! I was just poking around links from this session. Somehow I found the Copyright with Bun-Chan video

I’d guess you want some kind of guide for participants in the IGF to understand how to select an open license, not necessarily all the background on copyright law. Maybe advise use of the Creative Commons license chooser noting there is a version in many languages listed at bottom, including Japanese

I might have missed if this is intended for an English speaking or a multilingual audience!

I hope others keep contributing resources for Keiko

Thanks @cogdog for filling in on the language and cultural aspects. I did not know such a convenient tool like CC License Chooser was available.
The UNESCO OER Youtube suggested by @EbbaOssiannilsson looks great.
Yes, this is also about increasing access in Japanese language. The nature of IGF being meetings, there would be video content. The auto-translation on YouTube is not terrible. I would recommend Amara (though Amara seems to have closed its license in 2020…) for opening up translation.

Any thoughts on open translation? (It feels a bit weird asking this – I had been Japanese language editor for 10 years ago but been a way for a while! )

Just spotted the Australian Guide to Copyright Issues for Schools and TAFE that includes a information sheets, guidelines to copyright, and a full section on Creative Commons / OER.

Also recommended is the OERu’s self-paced course Open education, copyright and open licensing in a digital world

Thank you for your email.
There is/are pathways being developed within your scope.
Could you check the University of Oregon and the University of Nebraska librarian contacts for precise assistance?
Kind regards,