Ping! Are You Getting This Message?

This is a test of the OEG Connect Communication system…

Have you received this message? We are getting ready to be using OEG Connect for Open Education Week in March and hoping to engage/entice participation as we did with the OE Global Conference in November.

Actually we hope to bring even more activity here.

How did you get this message? From email notification? From keeping this site open forever in a tab?

We know that @susan.huggins is listening…

Operators are standing by to read your replies below. You know, try that reply button…

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Yes, got the notification from email

Yes. I have received the email without any problem. Looking forwrd to the March event.

Have received the message but the video was silent.

Oh! It’s a low frequency sound, Beat. Whales might hear it :wink:

Yup. Must say that conference technical side was super professional. Best of the year

Thanks Josh, your enthusiasm helped much too! Hope you bounce back here to be active, start new topics, connect, etc.