Play Wikitrivia?

Wikitrivia is a neat web game that draws from Wikipedia and Wikidata. You are presented a series of cards with a person, place, event and a verb like “born, died, ended”… You must then drag to the appropriate spot on a timeline below.

It lights up green if it is in correct place, or it moves there and turns red, and also displays the actual year. Once on the timeline, the card can be flipped for a summary and a link to the full article for more information.

I might have gotten a best streak of 6 correct in a row, maybe you can do better? Try

Source code available as well.

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I find it frustrating because I think I should do better. I also wonder if there’s a way to correct cards when they’re wrong. I’m pretty sure Colt Firearms didn’t start in 69 AD.

I tend to think I am lucky if I do better! For some cards it’s so easy, and other cards…

The game code is hosted in Github and the developer has links under FAQ to issues open to report bad cards\

That’s cool. Now when I play I can say I’m being productive by helping to improve the information ecosystem.

That’s leveling up (and something you can’t do in Wordle)!