Please Say Hello (or equivalent)

We’d love to know where in the world you are participating in OE Week. Say hello?

Hello flickr photo by Damian Gadal shared under a Creative Commons (BY) license

Please reply below with whatever is the appropriate way “hello” is said where you live and let us know what city, country you are writing from. And let us know what you hope to experience during Open Education Week.


And since we started the topic, this is how we say hello here inside the web server, in binary:

01001000 01100101 01101100 01101100 01101111 00100001

That was with some help from Science Friday. Unfortunately, I do now know what city or country where this server is housed… or maybe it should just be “from the cloud”

I am hoping to see a lot of sharing here what all you humans are doing during Open Education Week. Post, reply, and post/reply often!

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Bonjour depuis Tiohtiá:ke/Montréal, en territoire traditionnel Kanien’kehà:ka non-cédé. Au début de La Décennie des langues autochtones (, il est d’autant plus important de vivre la diversité linguistique et de promouvoir les savoirs traditionnels associés à de nombreuses langues du monde, souvent mises à mal par des approches de l’éducation qui sont peu appropriées à leurs contextes.

Can’t wait to engage deeply with others during #oeweek as it sounds like the Open Education movement is taking a very interesting turn towards widespread collaboration.
It’ll be particularly interesting to participate in activities in French as some of us are planning several, both locally and globally.

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Bonjour, Alex, and merci for demonstrated that Connector Extraordinaire badge in action.

Please share as much as possible of what happens in all the events you are leading or participating in.

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Will do!

As I was mentionning in the Open Education channel on the Creative Commons Slack, @mariannedube and the rest of the fabriqueREL crew has already confirmed several activities (including two bilingual ones with @MelB at uOttawa).
Webinaires – Fabrique REL

And Marie D. Martel (one of the co-organizers of Quebec’s OER Leaders network) has suggested that we add our events to this calendar of Free Culture events:
L’Agenda du libre du Québec

Exciting times!

I will pop into that Slack today to mention but please add your events to the OEWeek site so we can include it in the overall calendar/program.

In addition to events, we also seek useful “assets” (general resources)

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/cc @ariannacheveldave @krystam @dcockcroft

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Quelle semaine bien remplie que voici!
OE Week Events

Certaines activités se dérouleront en français. Par exemple:

Thanks for making it so busy! Please ask your participants to return here to share anything they learned or gained or discovered. There might be badges in the offering, and for you, mon amie, I shall have to build a bigger badge.

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As we continue working on badges, we notice that size might be less important than the chain of trust and values. In this case, any badge you might issue would carry this trust in the OEG community.
Digital Badges to Highlight the Achievements of Students - Eductive

Honest question on asking participants to return “here”: should we create threads for each activity in this #oeweek:oeweek-share section and provide direct links?

Thanks for the link to the badge story at LaSalle College. It can be easy to draw summations from our own limited experiences rather than seek out a wider view. Maybe it’s less about the specifics of a badge and thinking of it as one amongst many ways to offer public recognition, both formal and informally. I doubt we can do too much of that.

As an open community I refrain from making rules. Do what makes sense and would be of value to you. If I was running a session, I most post it as a new topic and ask for responses / feedback.

We will be posting a daily topic asking people to share one (or more) things as links, photos, descriptions of what they learned, saw, experienced. As it is a completely distributed event, we’d like to get some collective sense of what happens “out there” but moreso, I think of it as an act to potentially help someone else.

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Understood. Wasn’t thinking about rules, per se (so “should” was the wrong way to put it). It does sound like some sessions will lend themselves to this kind of followup.

Thanks, as always, for your good work in this open community building!

Hello from India! Rather let me say Namaste :pray:from India since this year’s theme that we have decided for our activity is “Culture and Heritage” in sync with the Creative Commons theme! :grinning:

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Hello from Casselman, Ontario, canada. :slight_smile:

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Hello and happy #OEWeek - this is Laura from the Frontiers for Young Minds team (, we’re based in Lausanne, Switzerland and London, UK (two of our main Frontiers offices).

I’m sending a pic of Lac Léman this week - well below freezing during the nights still, but bright and sunny (and cold!) in the days. Views of the Alps while working are a useful inspiration!

Hope to connect with many of you this week and we’ll be tweeting all week with some of our education-focused open resources, so watch for us on the hashtag!

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It’s On!
George Duke
George Duke performing in Vredenburg, Utrecht, The Netherlands, photo Chris Hakkens, CC BY-SA 2.0, via Wikimedia Commons, 24 May 2010

Thanks for the pic! What’s the license?

Fond memories of peeking by my office’s window at UNIL and admiring the lake, or running by the lakeshore in Ouchy, VD.

My own photo in panorama mode. So please consider this CC-BY (fully re-usable with credit).

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Hello from Sonora, México! I will hope to learn about experiences from other teachers and educators using technology in education. Thanks to the team OEWEEK2022 for this initiative.
See you on Twitter: @javierbalan

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Hello, hola, and welcome, Javier. We hope you come back and share what you learned and/or questions.

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