Pressbooks, H5P, Canvas Mastery Paths

I’m intrigued that some people grossly overestimate what I know or where I have expertise. A long time colleague from Maricopa asked me:

I have a question - have you seen anyone mix Pressbooks & H5P with Canvas Mastery Paths successfully?

She asked because of my previous work with Pressbooks and H5P, but I know de nada about Canvas.

If anyone has info or a suggestion who/where to ask, please respond.

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I’m not sure about using Pressbooks and H5P with Canvas Mastery Paths which is not part of Canvas’s open source release, but I’m guessing for enough money it could be done. Or, you can certainly mix Pressbooks and H5P with open source Moodle.

Appreciate this, Dan. The question comes from a colleague where their organization has the Bog Platform in place. I have only quickly looked at what Canvas Mastery Paths does.

Apparently it offers learners different learning paths based upon prior assessment performance.

The question is, what is potentially possible with H5P? I don’t think it’s an issue of offering H5P content on these paths, but seems to be asking how one can use this functionality within H5P (? Me guessing) obviously like within branching scenarios.

Sounds like you say an expensive customization. Are you saying Moodle offers this capability?

Like I said earlier, I don’t know what restrictions there are in Canvas Mastery Paths because it’s not part of their open release and none of the Canvas proprietary systems I’ve worked with have used Mastery Paths.

I do know that you can ‘mix’ H5P and Pressbooks with Moodle in a lot of ways. Here’s a video on ‘mixing’ H5P in Moodle. You can add or link to Pressbooks from pretty much anywhere you want to in Moodle.

As far as creating ‘paths’ in Moodle, that, too, is something that has a lot of possibilities and has been available for many years. Here’s the page that leads you to some of the options. Tracking progress - MoodleDocs