Quick Poll: Share Where You Share

Try the polling features of the OEG Connect here in a poll about social media spaces you use most often.

We are asking Open Educators about the platforms the use the most for public sharing (not messaging platforms like WhatsApp, Messenger).

  • Facebook
  • Flickr
  • Instagram
  • LinkedIn
  • Sina Weibo
  • Tik Tok
  • Twitter
  • Other (add in reply below)

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Reply below with thoughts where OE Global should aim it’s efforts in social media.

Poll makers error! And it cannot be edited once its open. We should have included Mastodon. If this is an important place for you, let us know in a reply.

Alan, I noticed that the checkmarks don’t appear when selecting the platforms in this poll. Did you also see this?

Hmm, you mean when you click them to cast votes? I logged in as a different user, and the boxes checked when clicked (see below).

I realize this is the worst thing one can reply with to a technical question “Well it worked for me…” so let’s dig in a bit more…

To try to reproduce, what OS and browser are you using? Also, you can click the Show Vote button which displays the selections you made; are the checks visible?

I tried it again and the checkmarks showed up this time. Hmmmm. Nevertheless, I like this feature!

Yes, I liked the ways I saw @Mackiwg use polls in the OERu community (using the same discourse platform we are using here).

I’d love to have a few polls issued in the conference. They could easily be done n maybe the Convo and Collab area? Do you want to do one to solicit ideas, interests for K12 open education?


Yep - I’d like to see Mastodon as an option :wink:

Perhaps the stem should reference “social” media platforms. Should the mainstream blog platforms be listed (WordPress, Blogger, Medium etc.)? - lots of sharing in those places.

BTW - Very impressed with how OE Global is making Discourse rock! Good structure and use of categories. Nice work.

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Is it possible you were not logged in at the time you were viewing? I think the check marks display the selections of the user - so if not logged in, Discourse would not know what to show as selected.

Great question! I was. I’m not too worried now because I can’t actually replicate that experience (phew). Just hope others see the checkmarks right away!

I share OER-related work on our blog - https://tech.oeru.org, on Mastodon - https://mastodon.oeru.org, and on our Gitlab code repository - https://git.oeru.org

I choose those all because they’re a) all open source distributed infrastructure (rather than centralised, proprietary, US corporate-owned platforms) and b) they’re all well behaved web citizens and indexed by a variety of search engines making them discoverable.