Remix and Share an OEGlobal 2022 Postcard

Our always popular digital postcard remixer is back, thanks as always to @VisualThinkery for providing us this creative tool.


Fitting with the AND conference concept, and subject to the notion of remixing as being in the creator’s hand, you can use it to (a) if you are attending the conferences send a digital postcard FROM there, perhaps replacing the image with your own photo; or (b) if you are Not in Nantes, send a card there with an image indicative of your location.

Either way (or some other way) change as much of the card content as the tool allows, publish, download and share back here.

Start your remixing here.


What will it take me to convince you to do a remix postcard? I bet i is more fun than what you are doing now (maybe).

How about a bribe? What if offered a bit coin? -notice that was not bitcoin. Hah! Get it? See how desperate I can be to generate remixes?

Late Saxon Coin from Wikimedia Commons shared under a CC BY-SA license (and maybe one of the longest meta data descriptions I have ever seen!)

Remix a digital postcard and maybe get a picture of a coin with a bite mark


Done, thanks Alan!
For anyone interested to find out more about Frontiers for Young Minds, and how we’ll be changing this year, come to our Sponsor Booth and have a chat - I’m Laura Henderson and I look forward to meeting you!



Here’s one from us at Kwantlen Polytechnic University! Come visit us at our booth during the event to learn more about our new Professional Program in Open Education.


Here is a hello from INDIA.
Hoping that distance will only make the heart grow fonder!


Is that a building at your University?

Love seeing these remixer postcards, thanks again to @VisualThinkery for making these possible. My turn!

This is where I am during the conference…

Here’s a postcard from the West Coast of North America!

It’s hard to see, but there is a barge stuck on the seawall across the water that has been there since a big storm last November. It is well and truly stuck; attempts to refloat have failed, and apparently it is going to need to be removed piecemeal. Fortunately, no one was hurt and no damage except to the barge and the seawall!

More info on this from CBC News.


No. That is the Mahatma Gandhi Memorial also known as AgaKhan Palace at Pune.
The University where I work has a beautiful campus, located at the banks of a river. And this dome structure is very iconic of the MIT group.
Sharing the video of the campus tour which was created and shared during the pandemic, just to keep a connect with the students who were away from the campus. Enjoy the virtual tour. :slight_smile:


I missed this last year. Today it crashed Firefox. Good thing I got the screenshot!


A quick hello to those in Edmonton. I’m really happy that you are meeting and I hope that you are enjoying the moment. I’m sorry I can’t be there. OER and open education is a very different kettle of fish in the global south! OEGlobal Postcard|690x460


Hiy Hiy, Derek, as an expression I am taking home, one of thanks. Waving hello from Edmonton. And also I forget to set up a new remix post card!

Saying hello back to you. Here (if this renders correctly) are a few of the many ways in which we greet each other in South Africa. My best is Sawubona - it means I see you in Zulu.

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I realized, I have been away for too long! Thanks to this postcard activity, I am back! Hope everyone is having a great time! Looking forward to the interactions here!

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