Remix an OEGlobal 2023 Digital Postcard

Thanks to @mark.wilson and @Weblearning for creating digital remix postcards (see Mark’s card and Derek’s card) that we set up for the 2022 conference.

Oh my gosh, I forgot to do it this year! Here we go is a new 2023 OEGlobal postcard created with the Fabulous Remixer Machine by @VisualThinkery


If you go to the Remixer Machine for this card you can change the image on the card, the stamp, customize the text on it. Publish it, download it, share it wildly.

Maybe you can put this to use to share a highlight from the conference (besides how great it was)?


Okay I have to not just suggest doing a remix, but do one myself.

I want to thank Jeanien Bell for the inspiring talk and hands on experience of Inuit life and connections to land at the pre conference workshop. This so set the stage for the conference.


Now it’s your turn! Remix and share an OEGlobal 2023 digital postcard.