Respond to A Call for A Global Research Agenda on OER

Just in time for Open Education Week is a new paper Open Educational Resources and their global needs, benefits and practices: The call for a future research agenda co authored by Christian M. Stracke @Christian , Aras Bozkurt @arasbozkurt , Rory McGreal @Rory , and Olaf Zawacki-Richter in the Bulletin of the Technical Committee on Learning Technology:

This paper reports the global initiatives that advocate and promote open educational resources (OER) and focuses on the main benefits of OER for our global society. Comparing and integrating diverse publications and studies, 40 main benefits of OER can be identified in total, clustered in six categories, namely: character, financial, design, learners’, organisational and social benefits. Being justified by the broad benefits of OER, this paper argues that there is a need for creating a future OER research agenda. Such a global research coordination is currently lacking. Through their identified diverse benefits, OER can support learning designers, educators, learning providers and educational systems. And OER can also contribute to improve education worldwide and to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) of the United Nations, in particular, SDG No. 4 to “Ensure inclusive and equitable quality education and promote lifelong learning opportunities for all”. The UNESCO Recommendation on OER offers a new opportunity to annually report on OER status and progress. Therefore, this paper calls open education and OER advocates to take local actions so that we can collectively make a global impact.

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Doesn’t this seem like a topic worth gathering around during Open Education Week? What is we tried again a shared annotation of this paper like we did last year for the UNESCO OER Recommendation?

Okay here comes the link but in a special way- it will open the paper with the annotation tool enabled (click the < button in the top right).

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