:async: Secondary Postsecondary Partnership for Introduction to Global Studies and Critical Literacy OER Creation

Author: Lori-Beth Larsen
Institution: Central Lakes College
Country: United States

Topic: Connecting Open Education to Primary and Secondary (K-12) Education
Sector: K-12
UNESCO Area of Focus: Building capacity
Session Format: Poster


The aim of this poster session is to highlight two practical experiences of collaboration to implement open education in secondary education (K-12). It will describe our initiative to advance open education secondary education (K-12) in four mid-Minnesota rural high schools in collaboration with our college, Central Lakes College in Brainerd, Minnesota, USA. One of the OER we created in this collaboration uses the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals in an Introduction to Global Studies course. The other is a Critical Literacy textbook that encourages inclusive and equitable practices with a quality OER. We are connecting the Global Open Education Community. Our community college, Central Lakes College in Brainerd, Minnesota, USA runs a College in the Schools program. In this program, students participate in concurrently enrolled courses offered by their local high school taught by their high school instructors in collaboration with CLC Faculty mentors and receive college credit. This year I collaborated with two high school teachers to create OER for a Critical Literacy class and an OER for Introduction to Global Studies course. As we continue collaborating within the CIS program, we hope to contribute to effective practices in education by encouraging and furthering the use of open education, particularly in secondary education. In the first collaboration, Joy Davis, a secondary Spanish language teacher and I worked together to redesign and create an Open Education Resource to be used in both college and high school course for Introduction to Global Studies using the UN Sustainable Development Goals as an outline. We’ve created this resource from a variety of sources. Each section includes Essential Questions, Learning Activities, and an Assessment piece. We have primarily used reflective journaling for assessment. We wanted to use Open Pedagogy. In this resource, we’ve labeled the Open Pedagogy activities as “Renewable Assignments”. Much of this resource came from “Sustainable Foundations: A Guide for Teaching the Sustainable Development Goals” The guide was modeled after an inquiry approach; where learners are stimulated with questions and information about a particular issue to construct new knowledge and understanding. In this approach, educators become facilitators of learning, with students empowered to become self-directed as they explore each issue individually and collectively. In the second collaboration, Kathleen Porter and I (CLC Reading instructors) worked with Mitchell Denny, a high school English teacher to redesign our Critical Literacy course to be offered as a CIS course using Open Educational Resources. The Open Education Resource redesigned from this collaboration aligns the secondary curricula with the postsecondary curricula for the purpose of helping more secondary students be prepared for college level literacy skills. This collaborative project addresses opportunity gaps and outcome disparities across student groups by narrowing some of the literacy gaps for students entering college.


Secondary, Postsecondary, Global, Literacy, Connection, Collaboration

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Secondary_Post-Secondary Collaboration in OER Creation.pdf (1.1 MB)

Central Lakes Community College in Brainerd, Minnesota, USA
CLC’s College in the Schools Program
Critical Literacy OER published on Opendora
Introduction to Global Studies OER published on Opendora
Link to Powerpoint Presentation from OpenEd 2020

Thank you for taking time to stop by. Please feel free to ask questions about these two collaborative projects! I would love to hear your suggestions, comments, and feedback.

Hi @LoriBeth! I attended your talk at OpenEd 2020, so I was happy to explore these OER and your collaborative projects here in more depth! I love that they are so accessible for instructors in both high schools and undergraduate programs. In addition, they are really relatable to today’s students. Have you thought about possibly incorporating the high school students in revising and remixing content in these OER? Exciting stuff. Thanks for sharing!

Thank you @jennifer.vanallen! In the Critical Literacy, students write a chapter using strategies that I incorporate into the next class. I’m hoping that in the Global Studies class, students will write about their experiences in the renewable assignments. I won’t be teaching this class until the Spring semester. In past classes with the first version of the Global Studies OER, students wrote a chapter as their final project. It was certainly a motivating and rewarding assessment experience for them. Last Spring, most of them wrote about the impact of Covid19. One student came from a farming family and wrote about the impact of Covid19 on her family business compared to other agriculture issues globally. It is really good stuff, isn’t it?