Seek and Ye Might Find (and Highlight) Here in OEG Connect

Yes, the conference is over, but everything here will remain where it is, and not only that, is fully open to anyone with an OEG Connect account (free to create) to interactive with.

There is a lot of content here, spread over the different sub categories of the conference space. Why might you search? Perhaps to find a session you missed. Or maybe (and we hope so) that you might look for some information you can use for our Annotating the OER Recommendation bridging activity.

I just accidentally discovered a nifty secret for the way the site provides search results. If you start at the main conference lobby area for the conference and access the search tool in the top right (magnifying glass icon :mag:) the results are limited to topics inside this space (rather than all over OEG Connect).

So if I was looking for any sessions about using the H5P platform, when I search for it:

The results include conference sessions. That’s nothing special.


If you follow a link from the search results, that term is highlighted in the linked topic

I did not even know that Discourse platform did this!

Well I am easily impressed.

Now about the annotation thing… who is ready for it?