Seeking ways to publish a children's book

Hello everyone! Wishing you a happy New Year!
I recently completed writing a book which is adaptation of classic fairy tales (English) which will give insights and lessons on cybersecurity.
Now I am looking at publishing the book internationally since the adapted book and the fairytales are originally English.
Looking for support in terms of ideas and ways to get it published.

(I am looking at revenue generating model, atleast partially. And not interested in Amazon Kindle Publication)

Have you considered Pressbooks? I’m assuming since you’re posting it here you’re looking to openly license the book.


Happy new year, Ajita. This is exciting news, and I am intrigued by the application of fairy tales to teach cybersecurity… can you share more details? Is it illustrated?

I’m less knowledgable on the publishing side, I can understand the desire for some revenue, but would love to see how it might be shared openly- many people publish and share digital versions openly, but collect money for printed copies.

As @hmross says, Pressbooks is a viable option, as it can handle many formats (PDF, ePub), rights control, and has built in features for distributing to several sellers-- see - one I see there that occurred to me is Lulu which has been around a long time for self publishing.

Also perhaps look at the OE Award Winning children’s book Together, created by a GO-GN team coordinated by @chrissinerantzi they published it via Zenodo

I think making it openly available too would be exciting to add it to say Storyweaver

And I am counting on many more suggestions from others here-- but I will add a note that I’d be interested in coordinating a webcast or webinar to share about your book during Open Education Week (or any other time as an OEG Voices podcast).


Thankyou @cogdog for the suggestions. I will definitely look into Pressbooks, Zenodo and Storyweaver. (I was a part of the book Together, where I translated it into one of the Indian Languages). I am looking at some publishing models. Yes, I plan to have it as an illustrated book- using AI generated images.

I will be delighted and honoured to be part o the webcast/webinar/podcast during the OE Week for this book. Indeed grateful for considering this. :innocent: :heart_eyes:

“Awesome” as the kids don’t say anymore :wink: I will contact you soon and coordinate some dates/time possibilities that are not late night for you.

Also, I’d love to make this a panel or group demo, if anyone else is working on as an individual or has done their own open publishing of books (@chrissinerantzi @JudithSebesta) maybe, we can have group demo?

Stand by everyone in OEG Connect, you will be the first to hear and get to try the new web site we are working on for this year’s Open Education Week. Details will show up in the OE Week area


Count me in! I’d be more than happy to demo my Pressbook (although keep in mind it is openly licensed and does not generate revenue for me).

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I knew I could count on you.

I’m less interested in revenue generation and more to share what it takes for an individual, without institutional support like you or @AjitaD or a small group to publish an openly licensed work


That I can definitely speak to!

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Wow! This will be great! Certainly looking forward to the demo and the podcast and wherever this might take us all to! Really exicted!!! :smiley: :smile: