Sharing the ENCORE+ Network Event on OER Innovation

We hope participants in OEweek events come here to share any details, useful info from sessions attended. This morning I was fortunate to be part of the ENCORE+ Network Event on OER Innovation hosted by @RobertFarrow

This was a presentation of the results of 2 years of surveys on the aspects of what is considered innovation in OER, part of this being the results of the responses to a survey Rob shared here in October (I responded to the survey to support the effort).

As usual Rob provided a rich background on Innovation theory and practice, and he makes great strides for describing an almost undefinable concept like “Innovation” and sharing data in unique ways:

And it was rewarding to see that Frontiers for Young Minds shared as a case study (connecting to a digital postcard from @LauraHenderson sharing news that Frontiers for Young Minds will be available soon in Mandarin!)

The slides and recording will likely be available soon from ENCORE+

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Thanks Alan! It was great to have you with us.

A copy of the slides used today can be found at Sharing innovation practices around OER: theory, practice, examples a…. I’m sure the recording will also be available soon through the ENCORE+ website.

We’re encouraging thoughts around what should be part of a framework for evaluating OER innovation and/or business models - please feel free to share them here or send them my way directly.

I hope that the evaluation framework will prove to be an interesting way to reflect on innovation, strategic direction and sustainability in OER implementation!

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Thanks for the mention in the post @cogdog and for the really nice feature of Frontiers for Young Minds in the ENCORE+ event, @RobertFarrow !
Looking forward to the recording very much :slight_smile:

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