Sodaphonic - Web based Audio Recording, Editing, Sharing Tools

Sodaphonic is a nifty suite of tool for recording, even doing basic editing of audio, and converting between formats.

First if you ever have a need for learners to record audio, Boombox is as easy as it gets. Record audio that can be shared then as a link. No sign-in or account needed.

This works on mobile devices too. A small test Pretty Cool Sodaphonic | Sodaphonic

There is also a web-based audio editor where you can import or record audio, then perform basic edits like cuts/pastes, and use a few effects. It is just a single audio track, so will work for sequential editing.

Here I imported a track of music (Freemusic archive track Joyful Meeting by Crowander, CC BY-NC), cut, faded out and added a bit of recorded audio.

Look! It embeds too:

And finally, very useful, is the Sodaphonic Format Flipper, a web based audio converter for different audio file formats

Do you have any favorite web based audio tools?