Some Google Foo for searching the OEWeek Archives

Examples are a great generator of ideas, right? This is why for OE Week 2024, for those wondering what they might plan for events or share as far as resources, we refer to the archives. But…

You can browse and filter by year the archives going back to 2015 of past OE Week Events (1080 of them) and also the resources/assets shared over the years (716 of them). We’ve often been asked about being able to search, rather than page through.

We’d like to see that too! And without delving into a lot of techno mumbo jumbo, because the archives is the descendent of a database that goes back a long way in time, well, we’ve not been able to make that happen.


But we can offer.a bit of search tricks to substitute for now. Recognizing that all past OE Week events have URLs that start with and the resources have ones with URLs that start with enables us to use, at least in Google Search, the search parameter site:// that limits search to sources that are from the OEweek Events archive.

By adding the quotes around search terms we can enable searches like:

If you change the search term in quotes for any of these examples, you should be able to “foo” search the archives… not perfect, but passable?