:async: Sophisticated OpenCourseWare (OCW) at Tamkang University (TKU)

Author: Tamkang University
Institution: Tamkang University
Country: Taiwan

Topic: Applications of Open Education Practices/Open Pedagogy/Open Education Research
Sector: Higher Education
UNESCO Area of Focus: Inclusive OER
Session Format: Poster


This video-poster demonstrates the way the professors and staff devoted in making OCW and MOOCs courses, synchronous online learning at Tamkang University. The content will show how OER in our university has developed and transformed along with the change of digital learning technology and related pedagogy.


OCW, MOOCs, Online Learning, OER

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Welcome to our video-poster:https://reurl.cc/v1GgRL

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A nice video-poster! I’m interested in your calligraphy studies and the way you teach Spanish. Mu area is handwriting and have one OCW course and one MOOC curse.